Alexsey fell in love with yoga with his first class at 4th Avenue Yoga, and hasn’t stopped going since. After six years of consistent practice, he went and received his 200 hour teacher training from the Devotional School of Yoga, Belize, under the tutelage of Kali Kennedy. Interested in active meditation through a powerful asana practice, he is excited to help others build strength both externally and internally!



Alice is a “yoga addict” and has been practicing as much as possible since her first exposure in 2003!  She completed her 200 RYT Training through Jonny Kest’s Center for Yoga in Detroit, Michigan.  Alice’s daily Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga practice, as well as her extensive background in ballet, are reflected in her instruction.  Yogis will experience a sense of empowerment and self-expression through a combination of traditional poses and creative flows.  Alice teaches first grade in TUSD.


Amanda was first introduced to the world of yoga in 2014 and never stopped exploring! The practice as a whole was life changing and allowed her to cultivate self-love. Her compassion grew exponentially after finishing her 200-hour teacher training from the Devotional School of Yoga, in Belize, under Kali Kennedy. Restorative has a place in her heart because of its surrendering quality. She finds that letting go and allowing your body to restore its natural energy is beautiful. She has personally grown from yoga and hopes you will join her in finding what calls to you!


Brian Hanner, RYT-200, has been practicing yoga and meditation for 12 years. After many years of being overweight and unhappy, he attended a yoga workshop in Houston and was hooked. He is a certified yoga teacher through Amy Cronise-Mead at YOGADHARMA. Other teachers and influences include Robert Boustany, Darren Rhodes, Dharma Mittra and Ana Forrest. He is a meditation student of John Yates (Culadasa) and recently completed a three-year meditation retreat. Brian has experienced great personal transformation through yoga and is interested in bringing the same experience to others. Breathe deeply, feel, listen, speak truth, and do what matters.


Caleb has been practicing yoga sine 2010 and enjoys many different styles. He is currently a 200 hour RYT and has also trained in Acro Yoga and slackline as well. Caleb believes yoga is one of the most effective and powerful practices for a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. He’s honored to be guiding others through this special practice.


Connie began practicing yoga in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the practice. She completed the 200 hour certification from the renowned school of Yoga Medicine under the guidance of Tiffany Cruikshank.  Being a registered nurse, she has a great love of anatomy and biomechanics of the body but feels this is just the beginning of yoga.  Personally, Connie knows that yoga helps you get stronger and more flexible but more importantly, helps us connect to our true selves.  She loves to teach with creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help students deepen their practice.


Geneva Dawn was first introduced to Tai Shi and Chi Gung in 2002. For many years she focused on her Chi Gung practice, and in the last two years has focused more intensely on learning Chen style Tai Chi. Though she feels like a beginner herself in this life-long practice, Geneva is a competent and insightful guide of this class for beginning to intermediate students, focusing on foundational exercises as well as practicing the Chen style form in its entirety. She is thrilled to share this ancient practice and its plethora of health benefits known to millions of people worldwide. In addition to her passion for tai chi, Geneva teaches Spanish, traditional hide-tanning, and fire-by-friction. She also grows native heirloom foods, is a musician, and plays word games whenever possible.


Genevieve Ure has been practicing yoga around Tucson since 2005. She has studied with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in January 2014 through Yoga Oasis. In her classes, Genevieve focuses on alignment and use of the breath to create mindfulness and awareness. When she is not doing yoga, Genevieve can be found hiking and biking around Tucson or practicing her kettlebell or acro yoga skills.

grace picGrace

Grace (RYT-200) has a passion for yoga that stems from the ways it has helped and changed her life since she began practicing in 2005. She has shared yoga in her hometown of Tucson, while traveling in East Africa, and during her studies in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has led yoga in a variety of settings and loves to practice outdoors. Grace began her yoga journey practicing Ashtanga yoga and completed her teacher training in Hatha yoga. Her classes incorporate both styles and seek to find a balance between active flow and calm relaxation. Her other interests include travel, cycling, and craft beer.


Hope completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2017 with Kali Kennedy at the Devotional School of Yoga. She teaches a variety of flow classes, making her classes accessible to everyone and every body.  Through her classes, she hopes to bring awareness to the body and the self.  Hope believes that through the physical practice of yoga, yogis can delve deeper into their mind, body, and spirit.  Along with yoga, Hope enjoys painting, running, and writing.


Prompted by a desire for significant life change, Jessica began practicing yoga regularly at the age of 20. As her practice developed, so did her desire to share the benefits of yoga with others.  In 2015 she graduated from a 200 hour teacher training program and soon after began guiding others through their time on their mats.  She hopes to create an upbeat and welcoming environment where people can feel comfortable exploring their own practice and pushing past any personal limitations they may have set for themselves.  Her classes are marked by a desire not only to teach others, but also to learn from them.
Jessica’s interests outside of yoga include cats, traveling and talking about herself in third person.


Johnny received a 250 hour Government of India certification in Hatha over the summer of 2010 at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul, a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2011, and a YogaHour* certification from Darren Rhodes during 2012. During his undergraduate honors thesis he conducted an experiment examining a yogic breathing technique, which led to being hired as a Faculty Research Associate in the Psychophysiology department at UofA following graduation. His classes are a synthesis of the knowledge pertaining to meditation and physiology he has been exposed to, coupled with the various Western and Eastern traditions he has encountered throughout his yogic studies. Students that frequent his class tend to be anyone looking to have a good time while spending a little extra time on foundation alignment, regardless of whether they practice often or never have before.


Josh first practiced yoga when he was 18 in 2013, but it was in 2014 when he began to make yoga apart of his daily life. Josh enjoys teaching because he gets to share the experience of a mind and body connection with folks that may have never had that. In his classes, you will be challenged both mentally and physically. Yoga is his passion and loves having the opportunity to teach at a studio that has given him so much.


My life changed when I discovered the power of yoga at seventeen. The practice has enriched all areas of my life physically, mentally, and spiritually as I found an immediate vocation to teach. I have primarily been teaching Vinyasa classes since 2010 in the Tucson community but I deeply enjoy, respect, and hold space for all styles of yoga. More recently my practice has shifted to understand more therapeutic approaches to yoga and encourage mindful healing to accommodate those bodies with injuries or chronic pain. Continuing to learn and practice yoga in many forms is important to me because I am a student just as much as I am a teacher. I encourage an open-minded and openhearted perspective as we move through yoga practice, and ultimately life.


Nychole found appreciation for yoga a few years back after sustaining a running injury. She practiced yoga consistently and was able to be restored both physically and to her discovery, spiritually. She decided to deepen her appreciation for yoga by completing the RYT 200 certification through Session School of Yoga in 2014 and is now a registered member of the Yoga Alliance. At the end of RYT certification Nychole left corporate life to follow her passion and to help others through the power of yoga. Her classes are designed to help fellow students explore their own potential by guiding them through powerful, playful, and mindful sequences. Nothing makes Nychole happier than seeing a class full of sweaty and smiling yogis.


Pam Ronstadt began studying yoga at the suggestion of her doctor and began to immediately see the benefits of a regular yoga practice to her overall health and well-being. The impact of a regular yoga practice led Pam to take her 200-hour teacher training at the Yoga Connection in Tucson. Pam practices and teaches Hatha Yoga in it’s many forms as well as Yin Yoga. She strives to bring a level of joy, peace and fun into each of her classes.


Phoebe, RYT200, has been practicing yoga since being a baby with her mama. Passionate about wellness, she is also a Health Coach, fitness instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her classes are a way to sweat, shine and unwind, while igniting your inner glow through beats, bends and breath. Come play on the mat!

stephanie reidStephanie

Stephanie is a 200 RYT yoga instructor who studied vinyasa style yoga at Pure Yoga West in NYC. During her training, she was exposed to teachers from around the world who showed her just how much there is to learn about the yogic philosophy. She is excited to continue to learn and grow from everyone in the yoga community- including her students. Her yoga journey began when her 15 year long career as a competitive gymnast came to a close. Her transition into yoga was a swift one and she has been a regular practitioner  ever since. Her dedication to yoga is rivaled only by her love of the arts. She is currently studying graphic design at the U of A. She also loves animals, traveling, and anything sweet. She’s extremely excited to share the wonders of yoga with anyone who is willing to learn.


Tanya Witman has been teaching yoga since 2010 and practicing since 1998. She is an avid alignment enthusiast, fascinated by the countless ways in which yoga can improve our lives through continued attention to the self in all its facets. She brings humor and anatomy regularly into her classes, with regular core infusions to strengthen us both physically and mentally. Come expecting to work, think and laugh!


Tatiana took her first yoga class 10 years ago—uncoordinated, unaware, and unable to touch her toes. Through practice, yoga transformed her body. The poses gave her a physical strength that translated to mental strength. Yoga has given her the tools to continually heal herself, in both body and mind. She knew that she needed to pass this gift onto others. She received her 200-hour certification from Yoga Oasis in Tucson after being the recipient of the full Elizabeth Blue Scholarship. Meditation, dance, travel, furry friends, and good vegetarian cooking are a few other things that make her heart happy.