Where is your studio located?
We are located at 413 E 5th St, across from Sky Bar on the North side of the street. (We are technically not ON 4th Avenue).
I will be driving. Where can I safely park?

Parking is available in back-in meter spaces in front of the yoga studio and in parallel parking spaces along 4th Avenue. Meters are free after 6pm and on weekends. Parking is also available across the street at Sky Bar lot (with solar panels). If using these spaces, we will provide you a parking pass for your time in yoga class.

How do I register for a yoga class?

All students must pre-register for classes as of March 14, 2022. To do so, visit the Schedule.

Students will check in with your instructor (showing that you paid for the class) by showing the WellnessLiving Achieve app.

Students register by selecting the class from the website schedule, are prompted to create an account, and once you’ve completed this process, you can download the app and sign in using those login credentials. This is how you will show from your phone that you’ve paid for class!

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your yoga mat if you have one, a towel for hot yoga, and comfortable clothing. We do not sell water, although we do provide a sink for you to fill up your water bottle if needed.

We are not currently offering rentals for mats and towels. Students must bring their own mat and are encouraged to bring any of their own equipment they might need, such as blocks and straps.

What kind of class should I attend?

4th Ave Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga class styles. We encourage our students to attend different classes to see what style they enjoy the most, or what fits best with schedule. For a description of our class styles, please click here.

I’m new to yoga, what should I know?
Welcome to 4th Ave Yoga! You’ve got to start somewhere, right?! Pease know you are not obligated to do everything an instructor teaches in class. You are welcome to take breaks or rests when needed. We encourage you to listen to your body in the moment. We will do our best to support your growth in yoga practice.
Your safety is important to us!
Please let the instructor know it is your first time and make sure they are aware of any injuries or physical limitations you may have, in order to better accommodate your individual needs.
How much are your classes?

Classes are $7 as of March 14, 2022.